Thursday, June 22, 2006


We have a problem here at my house. I know, I can hear you saying, "Just one problem?" But seriously, it's morphing into epic proportions, and I really need to solve it.

My son (oh, those problems always seem to start with that statement) can't sleep at night without socks on his feet. And when I say 'can't sleep' I literally mean, can't sleep. It's as if the minute his sock slips off his little foot, his body instantly recognizes the fact that said foot is uncovered and then wakes itself up. Not only does he wake up, but he also works himself into a panic - can't find sock, can't find sock, CAN'T FIND SOCK! Foot must be covered, foot must be covered, FOOT MUST BE COVERED! So then, being six and a momma's boy, he walks his little half-socked self into my room and wakes me up. And I, being a martyr of a mother, walk myself into his room where I proceed to lift up his comforter and retrieve his sock. Then, because he's not spoiled enough, I put the errant sock on his foot and tuck him back into bed. It happened 3 times last night!

These socks, they must be stopped. I am becoming sleep-deprived and grumpy. And the boy is too. I have tried encouraging him to find his sock himself. We've even had practice runs during non-sleeping hours with him lifting the comforter and finding the sock himself. And does this work? Nope. I've even suggested (or maybe demanded) that he sleep without socks. But that did not go over well. Short of putting him in those foot-y PJ's with the zipper down the front, I'm not so sure what to do next. I guess it's off to the store with me to find the tightest socks I can find - ones that cover not just his feet, but also the majority of his legs. Because, really, that seems to be the only other thing I can think of. (And maybe I should scold the comforter and sheets harshly for their involvement in this. Bad covers!)


And, ooh ooh, I have something exciting to tell you! My friend - who lives so far away and whom I miss so dearly (did I use whom correctly?) - has started her own blog! I inspired her to do so. Inspired! Me - inspired someone! Wheee!

I have to check with her to see if it's okay for me to put a link to her blog over there on the side. Because I'm not sure if she's up to uninvited guests just dropping by. But if she says yes, you all must be really nice to her. Tell her you love her new place and don't make a mess of things over there. Oh, and feel free to tell her how gorgeous her kids are, because, oh my god, they are so gorgeous.

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sara said...

i love the footed jammies!!! ;) and sure you can add me to your links.....LOVEYA!!!