Thursday, June 15, 2006

Project Relax.

Thanks to my tempermental internet connection, I was unable to get online most of the day. And believe me, I tried. And often. But, thank goodness, I am now able to partake in all the internet goodness. Some of which I will share with you soon via good 'ole links.


But what I am here to tell you about today is our new project. It is called: Project Relax. We've been working on it for a week or two. So far it seems to be a success, but I have to admit that I have not stuck with it every night. Why, you ask? Because I just don't like it. But I am trying. For my health. And sanity. (But my hubby, well, he's not skipping any nights. Because it has helped him wind the f*ck down - excuse my language.) What is it? This:

I have never been a drinker. I have never liked the taste of anything with alcohol in it. But I am game for doing the drink-a-day thing that is recommended. (My hubby's doctor told him to start, and I've read several things that have convinced me to give it a try.) I tried wine. All different kinds of wine. All I can say is, yuck. And I sure as heck know that hard liquor or beer are not my things. Nor are too-sweet wine coolers. But Smirnoff Ice in Wild Grape or Mandarin Orange are not that bad. Most nights I can manage to suck one down - some nights I just can't make myself drink one because I still don't like the taste. The relaxation benefits, however, are pretty good.

Better than other things that are supposed to relax you, and legal too. (Hee!) And probably better for me than a nip of NyQuil or Tylenol PM. (Don't judge. It works.)

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