Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

There are two fathers in my life. Well, actually there are more if you count in-laws and step parents. But there are two that mean the most to me: (sorry in-laws and step parents) my dad and my husband.

My dad is a great man who will always hold a special place in my heart. He raised me on his own from the time I was 5. In case you missed that, let me tell you again. It was just him and me. (He was a very brave man. Oh yes, brave.) We went through an awful lot together, and in that time he never wavered or let me know how hard it was raising a child on his own. (and an emotional girl child, at that.) I took him for granted and gave him a lot of grief. Mostly because that's just what children do when they are growing up. But through it all he remained a constant in an ever changing life, which is exactly what I needed. It wasn't until I was an adult and a parent that I realized how hard it must have been for him to always be the responsible one; to always be the one to make the hard decisions and sacrifices. So Dad, thank you. Happy Father's Day.

My husband is such a wonderful man. He has taken on the task of living with me and raising our two children without so much as a complaint (not much, anyway.) And believe me, it is a task to live with us. Being married... Well, people say it's hard work. But what I've found is that it is instead a matter of knowing when it's best to keep quiet, and best to concede. He does this well. (And sometimes I do it too.) He is also a wonderful father to our children. He loves them so much. And it's evident in all that he does with/for them. Who else would take two tired children with them to the driving range when all he wanted to do was go hit golf balls, but the kids wanted to go too, and they seriously interfere with his hitting? He is encouraging, protective, loving, and strong (emotionally and physically.) And he is the perfect counterpoint to my sometimes strict mothering. He's the fun one, which is exactly what the kids need. Exactly what I need too. Happy Father's Day, honey.

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YOUR THE BEST!! thanks