Monday, June 26, 2006

Not very interesting... but still a weekend update.

The baby... The baby I keep here at my house during the week... He has learned to crawl. Dude, (and I don't normally say dude, but I think this warrants it) I am so screwed. Before, he would kind of scoot around on his bottom and slowly be able to make it around the room. He was slow enough that I was able to make a sandwich, or help another child, and still stop him from getting into anything he wasn't supposed to be around. But now, now, he can get wherever he wants to go, and quickly too. And my house is a death-trap. He isn't crawling at max baby speed yet, but I see the future, and it includes a climbing, crawling baby who gets into everything. I am so screwed.


My aim to not spend any money this weekend didn't work out very well. Besides the trip to the grocery store (twice, dammit) and the gas station (yikes) I really didn't spend all that much. (Um, okay, yeah, there was a trip to a restaurant involved, but it was a cheap one.) What did we do? We went to the gym, went to the pool, took a sinfully long nap Saturday afternoon, went for a drive around, went out to eat, went to the Museum of Natural History, and also another History museum that I don't remember the name of (and they were FREE.) Not too bad, huh. My bank account will thank me.

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