Monday, June 12, 2006

The one where I try not to offend the whole Southern United States.

My son had a wonderful time at Church. He met some new people, and they talked about "love" he said. I'm so proud of him for going and doing so well. This was the first time he had ever gone alone with anyone else's parents (besides school field trips.) He was good. And I am glad.

Little T.'s parents told me to let them know if he was interested in going next Sunday too. Evidently, they are willing to take my son to Church every Sunday. Wow.

(I wrote lots of paragraphs about religion and church, then deleted it. I do not possess the abilty to argue my point without offending. And I don't want to do that. Lets just say I have a problem with the whole Evangelical side of Christianity, and leave it at that. I am all for Church. I am all for having faith. I am all for leading a good, honorable life.)

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