Saturday, June 03, 2006

Giving thanks.

Thank God for the cooler weather. Sure, I had to withstand huge amounts of ice cold rain before the blessed sun came out, but, to me, it was worth it. It was worth dashing wildly to the gym this morning while yelling, "Go, Go, Go!" to the kids and prodding them to keep them from stopping halfway out of the parking lot and getting absolutely soaking wet. (Because they get into the rain and just freeze. They just stop moving as if the rain will stop too once it realizes they have stopped.) It was worth making another dash to the car after our workout. Only this time, we sent my hubby out to get the car and drive it to the front so we could just get in. But he had the windshield wipers on high, and they were throwing massive amounts of ice cold water onto me while I tried to simultaneously get in and close the back door behind the kids.

Oh but it was worth it. Because now it is not blazing a** hot, and I can go outside without breaking into a sweat within the first five minutes. Thank God.

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