Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wanting some cheese to go with my whine.

I have a wonderful husband. He's a good man and a great father. He's also hilarious and fun to be around. He thinks I'm beautiful and gives me compliments all the time. Also, he's smart and a hard worker.


(And you knew that there would be a but, didn't you?)

I have one thing that I would like to complain about today: It's that he is all for our new thrifty lifestyle, and says with great conviction that he's tired of eating out and is happy to be eating at home more when in fact he eats at various yummy restaurants for lunch often. Yummy restaurants! Lunch! Often! While I sit at home and eat whatever the kids don't finish. (And this happens more than I'd like to admit.)

I think to myself, sure, you don't mind eating at home for supper because you went out for Chinese food for lunch. Or Mexican. Or Mongolian barbecue. And then I become very bitter.

Now, before you think he's a very bad man and spending all of our food budget on lunches out, let me say that most of the time he's not buying these lunches. Yesterday, for instance, he was taken to a Chinese restaurant by a sales rep. (He's lucky like that - people want him to do business with them and court him by feeding him good food and giving him mugs at Christmas time.)

But still, I'm bitter. And I'm rambling. Because I'm bitter. And now I'm going into the kitchen to heat up a box of Crab Rangoon that I bought at WalMart last night and I'm going to enjoy it, dammit, because it's all I have. All my bitter little heart has. Dammit.

(Love you Honey!)

Edited to add: My husband called me this afternoon after reading this - he asked if he needed to take me out to eat tonight. But that would totally defeat the purpose. We are not eating out as much to try and keep from spending money. And if we went out to eat, what would I have to complain about on here?!? (Except for spending the money, of course.)

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