Thursday, August 03, 2006

Out of the loop.

So... I just found out some news. School here doesn't start the 6th of September, like I thought. Instead, it starts the 25th of August. I'm just sitting here thinking, huh, how did I not know that?

But in my defense, let me back up a minute and tell you why I thought it would be September before I gleefully sent my precious little ones out of my house! Oh, I mean, back to school. When I registered my daughter for Kindergarten, they told me her fist day would be either September 6th or 7th. (Half went one day, the other half went the next.) So being the queen of assumptions that I am, (and, no, you don't have to tell me the ass before u and me thing, thank you) I just assumed the first day of school is the 6th. Wouldn't you?

Well, what they didn't tell me was that the kindergarteners start later than everyone else. Huh.

Also, what they did not tell me when they gave out all the information regarding the early pick up on the last day of school was, wait for it... the date of the first day of school in the fall. It would seem to me that a simple, "Have a great summer and we'll see you again on the 25th of August!" would have been in order here. It would seem...

So, am I the only one who didn't know? Also, am I the only one who feels so out of the loop? I have no idea what the protocols are for starting school, registering, and getting supplies. I do not know when we find out which teacher my kids have and what supplies to send them with on the first day. I just seem to have no idea, period.

I guess I'll have to break down and call the school. Then, I'll sound like a woman who is totally unfit to be a mother when I ask things like, oh, for instance, where do I drop them off at and when's the latest I can pick them up.

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sara said...

hey, whatever!!!! we are still new at this......our oldest is super young!!! ;) our school has an enrollment day on the 10th, then a "meet your teachers night" and then school starts on the 15th. so definitly call the school....or drive by, ours says when the enrollment is on the big sign thingy out front. yay for school starting earlier than you thought!!! have a great day!!!!