Monday, August 28, 2006

For all of you that hung out at the AYA.

Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic

Oh, the Beastie Boys *sigh* mean so much to me. I loved them back when I was in 6th grade and had Licensed to Ill and learned all the words to all the songs and thought myself such a rebel for singing along with them. And I had a huge crush on Ad Rock (don't laugh, I was young.) I loved them all the way into my high school and college years, although they kind of lost me when they started appearing on MTV spouting all that political stuff. And I wanted to be a big fan of their newest CD, but it just wasn't there for me anymore. Check Your Head, however, will always be one of my favorites because it not only had this song and So Watcha Want, but because it reminds me of all my friends down at the AYA.

(And I still have a little crush on Ad Rock.)


Melissa said...

I was very happy just lurking around your blog, reading about the ups and downs life brings all of us...and then you had to go and post the video to one of my ALL- TIME FAVORITE songs. I am still in love with the Beastie Boys, not so much their new stuff, but definitely their old stuff. My 7 year-old son's favorite song is Brass Monkey, if that tells you anything!
As for their politics, I put them in the category with that is undeniably classic...and I just ignore the rest of the nonsense that they spew.

E said...

Melissa, you are a woman with such good taste!

My kids are currently listening to No Sleep Til Brooklyn - and I'm hoping they'll remain as peacefully oblivious to all of the alcohol and drug references as I was.

Thanks for the comment!