Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not-Really-Anything (the whole bunch of it version)

And now, a whole bunch of not-really-anything for your day!

(are you excited? even just a little? oh c'mon, humor me.)

My son's doctor's appointment went well yesterday. He followed all instructions (stand on one foot, hop up and down, push against me, etc...) and then had to give a urine sample. He didn't understand why they needed a urine sample. "You want to see my pee-pee? It's yellow! It's fine!" And after a hilarious series of events in the little boys room, some of which included my husband yelling, "That's enough! Stop! Stop! Stop!" they returned the sample cup to the doctor triumphantly. And my son said, "See? Like I told you, it's yellow."

(And for those of you interested, (mainly family members, I'm sure,) the doctor gave us a stronger cream for his eczema and told us to give him an allergy pill every day. Even if the airborne allergens aren't bothering him per se, the allergy pill will help stop his itching. And also, we have to use all fragrance free detergents and soaps for him. Which I should have been doing anyway, really, but I just love the smell of freshly laundered clothes - preferably in Clean Breeze. But now I've emptied his dresser and am doing load after load of laundry in the stinky fragrance-free detergent. (My clothes, however, are still being washed in the old stuff because I can only sacrifice so much.))

(oooh, I used double parentheses there - and bad grammar. doesn't it make you kind of twitch, how I butcher the English language repeatedly?)

We went to orientation last night for my son's first grade class. We met his teacher, who is teaching for the first time this year. Oh, she's volunteered in schools and been a teacher's assistant before, but to have my son (and therefore, me) for her first year as a teacher is really unfortunate for her. You might want to send some good vibes her way. She might need them tomorrow on the first day of school.

That's right, tomorrow, I send my son back to school. He's going to be a big kid now. At least, that's what he's told me. He even gets to use the computer lab. He's excited. I haven't told him yet that all the computer work will not include Star Wars Battlefront or anything nearly as fun. I figure I'll just let him find out on his own. I hope it doesn't crush his spirit.

And my daughter - the one who I really would like to send to school tomorrow because she is driving me crazy - isn't starting until after Labor Day. Yeah, they'll attend the same school, but the kindergarteners start later. Sucks for her. She wants to go so badly, and has to watch her brother go and hear all about his day when he gets home. I keep telling her that patience is a virtue. She thinks I'm full of crap.

So today will be spent labeling various school supplies, and washing and folding mountains of clothes and towels and washcloths. Good times.

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