Monday, August 14, 2006

School supplies.

Yesterday we went shopping for some new school clothes.

Before we set out on our mad dash through various children's clothing stores to fight the throngs of people, I had a mental list of items I wanted to get for the kids. Jacket for my son, jeans and pants for both of them (enough to make it through a week, at least) and athletic shoes for both too. The rest, I figured, we could get as needed. They are growing so fast, I'm afraid to get too many things ahead of time. By the time they need the long sleeve shirts and coats, they may just be a full size larger.

Anyway, off we went to the store. And off my son went to whining. His head hurt; he couldn't walk. And my daughter, she wanted to stay with dad outside the store; she didn't want to try on the jacket for her brother. (It's wonderful that they wear the same size. I just have to bring one child along and have him/her try on the clothes. Of course, neither of them is too crazy about trying on clothes for the opposite sex. But I'll pay for their therapy bills later, so they can just hush.)

And what did we get on our trip? A Jacket. And a pair of pants for my son. (Just one pair.) And athletic shoes for my son too. My daughter? She didn't find anything that she needed, except for these:

And everyone knows a little girl absolutely needs a pair of pink cowboy boots. As for all those other things she needs for school, they pale in comparison. (And I guess I need to go back to the store.)

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