Thursday, August 31, 2006

Special Anniversary Edition.

Today is the day, seven years ago, that B and I got married. I'll never forget the feeling of pure bliss - giddiness - that came over me.

We did not have a traditional wedding. Ours was a spur of the moment, justice of the peace wedding. We had to wait for the judge to come back from lunch (I think) and we excitedly called the few friends and family members who were close by and able to make a mad dash to the courthouse.

Then we were officially married!

But lest you think I am the type who would just run off and get married (because I'm never spontaneous, ever) know that this was the man that I already knew I would be spending the rest of my life with, married or not. This man was the one for me; he was such a good match for me.

We've been through so much in such a short time. If you were to look at that list of things that are huge 'life stressors' you would see that we have been through several of them. Some more than once. And we've come out the other side. Even when we've been on opposite sides of an issue, we've come out just fine. And I give a lot of the credit to B and his ability to know when not to have the last word; to let it go and wait for the cool-down.

B is a successful man. He's a smart man. He's an amazing father, an amazing person, and an amazing husband. (And he's big and strong, and I like that very much.) I'm very lucky to have found him.

I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary.

(And that is as romantic as I get. I'm about as romantic as a - oh, I don't know - something that's not romantic at all. It's a good thing that he knows that. Which is why he's the perfect man for me.)

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sara said...

that was super sweet!!!! and B is SUCH a great guy.....i'm so happy you guys found each other. you are one of my most favorite couples EVER!!!! loveyas!!!!