Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm not bitter and he's going to the doctor.

Apparently yesterday, when I posted, I came off as a little bitter. I don't know where in the world that idea came from (I plead the Fifth.) But no worries, I'm not really bitter. Nor am I really that jealous. I just feel it was a little bit unfair, and I felt like a good complaining was in order. No need to fear for my husband's well being. (Except for what all that restaurant food will do to his arteries. That you should fear.)


Today my son is going to the doctor. He's going to get his skin checked out. He has eczema (thanks to my lovely genes) and he has it bad on his face and fingers. Which, really, if you're going to have something that looks like a communicable disease (which, it is not cummunicable, people, just looks like it,) is it really necessary to have it on the most visible parts of your body? I mean, really. The boy deserves a break, if you ask me. Oh wait, was I talking about the injustice of my son's skin condition? Um, no... oh yeah, I was talking about him going to the doctor. Anyway, my husband is going to take him to the doctor. This'll be a first, ya'll.

I've compiled a note card - cliff's notes, if you will - of the different lotions and medications my son is using. I've listed the questions I would ask if I were there. And I'm sending the boys off with a prayer.

Actually, I think it'll be better that my husband is the one taking my son. When I go I have a tendency to tell the doctor what is wrong, instead of vice versa. I have a tendency to be a little bit pushy. A teensy bit pushy. Oh, okay, a lot pushy. And the doctor barely gets a word in edgewise. Then I'm sure they mark my children's chart with a notation or some sort of color code they have adopted just for people like me. You know, something that says, This woman is a pushy lady and is a know-it-all who will not listen to you. And as a result my children do not receive the quality of care they deserve. But with my husband going, they will just mark the kids' chart with a code that says, This is a big motherf*cker who will break us into tiny pieces if we mess up his children's care, so make sure you do well.

And I think that's much more effective, don't you?

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sara said...

that made me laugh!!!! thanks =)