Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Queen and Obi Wan's Shadow.

My daughter is now Queen of Everything.

(Yeah, I didn't know it either. Apparently she was crowned Queen and no one else was told. Maybe we all missed the memo. Or maybe she needs new publicists. But either way, it happened and now you know.)

She informed me herself of her new position in life. I had asked her if she was Queen of Everything, thinking she would say no, she wasn't. Imagine my surprise when she said she was indeed Queen. And I thought to myself, well then, I guess you may continue on being bossy seeing as you are the Queen and all. She also informed me, in a very regal manner, that everyone should listen to her and obey her.

And then she made a series of proclamations that involved her brother giving her all of his toys, the children I babysit not being allowed to make noise, and me making her chocolate milk and eggs on demand.

(She's gotten very good at making proclamations.)

All of which prompted my son to say, "It's like living life in Obi Wan's shadow."

(I'm not really sure what he meant by that either. But it sounded so cute when he said it in such a serious voice.)

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