Monday, October 23, 2006

How I spent my weekend.

So what did you do this weekend? I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Me? Well, I had a good Friday evening - we had my husband's little sister (I say little, but she's 21) over for dinner, and played XBox and laughed out hearts out.

Then by the time she left, I was feeling a little feverish. And the back pain that had plagued me a couple of weeks ago was suddenly back, along with the fever. It was then that I knew that something was wrong.

Saturday morning I felt a little better. I decided not to go to the doctor, but promised my worried husband I would make an appointment for sometime this week. Because sudden back pain (so low down on my back that he jokingly called it my a** pain) and a high fever are not just normal occurrences. Anyway, Saturday we went about our day and had a nice time.

By Saturday night, I felt terrible. The fever, it was back. And, oh boy, did my back hurt. I awakened several times that night in pain and tossed and turned. When I took my temperature at about 6 AM and it was way over 102, I knew I was not doing well. And I had the worst headache ever. Oh, and then I threw up.

So Sunday was spent at the Urgent Care getting x-rays, a urinalysis, and blood tests. They confirmed that I seem to have a bacterial infection in some sort of organ in my lower abdomen/back. I also had blood in my urine (didn't you want to read that? Too much information?) but they didn't know exactly what was wrong. So they are going to make an appointment for me to get a CT scan, hopefully today.

They also told me that if it happens to be my appendix, and it bursts, to go to the emergency room. (Really? I wouldn't have guessed that.) And I got a prescription for Darvocet. He didn't want to give me anything stronger in case I did have something burst/break and I was too out of it to know. To which I say, Ha! Also, they didn't give me any antibiotics because he didn't want anything to get less inflamed until they did the CT scan. Hmmph.

So I had fun. Did you?

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Jonathon said...

Ugh! That sounds like an awful weekend. I hate being sick on weekends/vacations especially!!!