Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Be back later.

Take the morning off, everyone!

(Don't you wish it was as simple as that? I just announce that today we shall all take the morning off, and then it is so.)

I'm taking my son to the doctor's today. I'm kicking off what is to be a series of doctor's and dentist appointments. Today we are going because his allergies and exzema are getting worse. Worser and worser. And I just can't bear for the boy to have a runny nose and itchy skin any longer. I am going to station myself in the doctor's office until she gives me what I deem as a satisfactory course of action. I am sick of being told the same old 'use non-scented products and plenty of lotion, and give him this allergy pill every day' nonsense. It doesn't work; it hasn't worked; it is going to change! [raising finger into air with the proclamation of change] And then next week he is going to the dentist so they can clean his teeth and admire his second row of teeth that are coming in shark-style. And next it is my daughter's turn at the dentist so he can marvel at how clean her teeth are because she loves to brush them and makes sure she cleans every single tooth with loving care. Then, oh boy, it is time for the flu shots. I'm taking them both at the same time, and I'm hoping they will not run screaming from the doctor's office, only to have me drag them back in whilst trying my hardest not to show that I am scared to death of needles.

Boy, how I ramble. I was just going to post a short little sentence saying that I'll be back to post later. And lookie there, I've managed to post a whole lot. I know that I am talented, no need to tell me so.

(Although, if you'd like to tell me how pretty and smart I am, you may do so at any point in time.)


grampa said...

When I read your ramblings, I will see a "Y'all" every so often so I know where you live. And, I see a "whilst" in there so I know where you have lived.

E said...

That's right - I am a weird mash-up of Southern girl and English lass. And every once in a while I come out with a Midwestern 'you knooow'. But mostly, it's the Southern girl who speaks.