Tuesday, October 24, 2006


That's my boy (in the middle) on his field trip to a local pumpkin farm. They also had a place where the kids did gemstone mining, a huge slide and a children's play area, an obligatory hay ride, and ponies.

He had a wonderful time and came home with a very nice pumpkin that is now sitting in the front yard. However, the whole trip was like taking a weeks worth of allergy medicine and throwing it out the window. He was red and itchy and runny-nosed when I picked him up from school that day, and is finally just getting back to normal.

Well, his allergies don't seem to be doing that badly, but the cold that he's catching from his sister (who swears she's on her death bed) is making him runny-nosed and red too. I tell you, I can't win.

Oh, and I've got that pesky CT Scan today before lunch. And I can't eat anything and have to drink 40 oz of water before the scan. Talk about kicking a person while she's down.

(That enough complaining for you today? If not, I think I could do more...)


sara said...

cute pic!!! but, i think his shirt is too small!!! ;) good luck with your scan & i hope you are feeling better.....

E said...

Oh gosh, the t-shirt... it's his class shirt that they wear on field trips and the teacher told us to 'keep in mind that they grow throughout the year', so I ordered one size up from what I thought he would wear. Then they arrived and it was an oversized shirt to begin with! So crap, crap and double crap - he looks like he's wearing a shirt of mine!