Saturday, September 16, 2006

The week in review.

Well, our van is home, sitting back in the driveway where it belongs, and *cross your fingers* fixed. I'm a little more than frustrated with the whole debacle, but happy it's all done and over with. (The van and it's new computer haven't taken over the world (yet) but they have rendered one of my keyless entry thingies useless. Beware a van who gets a new computer and takes a week to get it reprogrammed.)---------------------

My son went to his second Tae Kwon Do class last night. This time the whole family went to watch. What he lacks in skill he makes up for in enthusiasm. So I guess spending his car/college fund on lessons is worth it... ---------------------

Speaking of spending money, I am going to take my daughter out this morning to get her some of the gear required for her dance class on Monday. I'm dreading all of the bows and frilly things I know she'll desire - I am not a very girlie-girl - but I am also excited that she'll be excited. And she'll be oh so cute, too. ---------------------

This weekend we are helping my husband's sister and her family move into their new house. They just had it built and finally closed on it on Thursday. They're first time homeowners, and I'm so excited for them and their beautiful new house.So I'll be away from my computer (maybe) (if I can stand it) and will check back in on Monday. That's when my vacation will be officially over. Now I must go off into a corner and quietly weep...

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