Thursday, September 14, 2006

My allegiance for a pair of jeans.

Last week (or was it the week before?) I sent out desperate emails. I was desperately seeking a pair of jeans. My only problem? I didn't know what kind of jeans I should be desperately seeking.

I have been frustrated for a couple of years now. I kept on searching for a pair of jeans that would fit my hips, waist and not be too tight on my thighs. A pair that would not stretch too tight over my badunkadunk (and what a badunkadunk I have, my friends.) I wanted a pair that did not have 'stretch'. I hate that almost all of the new jeans have 'stretch'. They do not seem to work for me; they only seem to make things worse. I also did not want a pair of the new 'skinny' jeans. I am not long and lean, so I do not want a pair of jeans that are made for people who are long and lean. So I was a little lost.

Then, oh, then an email came from the woman who will now forever be known as my savior (you can call her Sara.) She had knowledge that I had only previously wished for, and graciously, she shared her knowledge. She told me about a pair of jeans that were available in 'short', that did not have stretch, that were cut a little more relaxed in the thigh, and had a low rise, but were not low enough to expose your underwear every time you sat. She told me where to get them, and what colors they came in (not nearly enough!)

And based on her opinion alone (well, also, I was leaning towards trying these jeans because I used to wear some from this store before I had kids, and they fit really well then,) I ordered a pair off of the internet. I ordered a pair of jeans without even trying them on. It was a bold move I have made before, with very bad results. This time, however, I hoped things would end up differently, and I would finally find a pair of jeans that fit well.

On Tuesday, I received the jeans in the mail. I tried them on, and was a little unsure. But I washed them anyway, and wore them for the first time yesterday. And Oh My God, those are the best jeans ever. The truly are everything Sara said they would be. They fit so amazingly well. All except for the fact that they are still a little too long because my legs are impossibly short (but, you know, you can't have everything.)

So Sara, thank you for letting me know about AE Favorite jeans. And thank you for telling me the best way to get them was online. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

*I tried to put a picture of the jeans here, but Blogger wouldn't let me put a picture in. Blogger and I don't really have a good relationship. Yet I keep coming back. Dysfunctional, I know.

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sara said...

you are very welcome!!!! i'm glad they worked out for you!!! =)