Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lovely things.

I've spent a good deal of my morning shopping. Online. And not actually buying anything. Just monitor-shopping. And since I don't have anything to post about (I've given you all the sappy love I can the past couple of days,) I figured I would present you with links. Links to things I desire, or just plain love to look at.

  • First off, I like these mugs. I like the retro look, and I think they're just plain cute.
  • Next, I bring you salt and pepper shakers that so adorable I think I may just have to buy them. Although, I'm not sure if "adorable" is necessarily what my husband wants on his dinner table.
  • These I would buy if I had a little baby girl, even if they are totally useless. Anyone know of a little baby girl I can buy these for?
  • I love this bracelet, even though I don't wear jewelry. I just think it's oh so pretty.
  • I'd love 4 of these to go on my front porch and upstairs balcony. In white, please.
  • And I'd love this sofa to go in my front room. In a different color, though.

And now I must go - my husband is dragging me to the gym. I haven't been in a while and I think he's ready to knock me over the head and take me there whether I want to go or not. (And not because he thinks I need to lose weight or anything, he wants the company. Oh no, he'd love it if I put on a little weight, not lost any it.)

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