Thursday, September 28, 2006


My daughter came downstairs this morning looking very sad. She was all teary-eyed and sniffley. And my heart went out to her. (Although she is very dramatic and is often teary-eyed and sniffley.)

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"Mom, *sniff* I had a bad dreeeeaaaam. *wail*"

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

"Um, *sniff* it was my birthday..."


"And, *sniff sniff* there was a birthday cake...."


"And, *wail* everybody ate all the pieces and I didn't get aaaaannnnyyyy." *full blown tears*

"Oh my, that is a very bad dream."

As I comforted my daughter, I told her that it was just a dream and that it would be impossible for her not to get any of her birthday cake because around here the birthday girl/boy always gets the first piece. Don't worry, I told her, it won't happen, ever.

I can't help but think this horrible nightmare stems from the other night when my husband was eating the remaining bit of my son's birthday cake. It was only a piece, you see, and it was a piece that my husband had evidently desired strongly enough that he tried to discourage our daughter from eating any. He tried to pawn off a very icky yellow cupcake on her instead! He tried to give her sub-standard cake!

No wonder it still haunts her in her dreams.

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Jane said...

OMG sounds like something my hubby would do, LOL