Friday, September 22, 2006

Birthday post #1

Happy birthday, Son. I can't believe that are seven years old now. It truly boggles my mind how quickly the years have gone by, and I am a little fearful about how quickly the rest will go. I'm scared that one day I'll turn around and instead of a small child standing in front of me, I will see a grown man. You have already shocked me several times with your wise-beyond-your-years responses to questions and your maturity. And then, at other times, I still see my sweet little boy - the one who said "gimme gu-me" and held up his arms for me to hold him. I'm glad that little boy is still in there, for even though you are seven now, you will always be my baby boy.

(Opening the first of his birthday presents. These are from Sara and her family. They always know exactly the right thing to give.)

You are a wonderful boy who is full of wide-eyed wonder at the world. Most of the time, you are blissfully unaware of what is going on around you, and I love that about you. You live in your own little world - and what a wonderful place it is; it is filled with Jedi Knights and lightsabers, race cars, and robots. You are a child who does not have a competitive bone in your body; who is content to cheer for friends and strangers alike. You are full of kindness and love (except, at times, when it comes to your sister.) And I love you. We all do. We always will.

(She got a present from Sara's family too. And as always, it was perfect.)

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sara said...

oh my.....that was such a sweet post!!! i loved it!!!

it's neat to see them opening the things we just wrapped, it's the next best thing to being there!!!

my kids are BEGGING to go to e & e's house ~ we will have to do that SOON!!! miss & love you all!!!! happy bday little (big) man!!!!