Monday, September 04, 2006

Report card - the first week.

Don't you just love a day off? (Well, a paid day off, that is. If you're not being paid, it just seems like a day that you are not able to work; like you would be there to earn your days worth of pay if it wasn't for the stupid holiday and work being closed. But if you're being paid, well, that's different. Then it's a bonus, and you couldn't be dragged into work for anything because it's a holiday, gosh darn it.) I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee and my whole day ahead of me, and I'm loving it.


I thought I would go ahead and talk a little about my son's first week at school. I know that there may be a few of you (Hi Grandparents!) who are wondering how it is going. Well, let me tell you - he's loving it. He loves his teacher and her assistant. He likes his classmates. He's even bought lunch in the cafeteria - twice - and drank chocolate milk both times. He has not had any adjustment issues or gotten in trouble for acting out. It is like night and day compared to the issues he had last year when he first started this school. And I think it's all based on the fact that he has a teacher that he gets along with.

And speaking of the teacher from last year... guess who my daughter has as her kindergarten teacher? Yuppers. The very same one my son had. The one that did not do well with my boy and who made things very tough at times. But... but, I think she'll be a much better fit for my daughter than she was for my son. Those two kids are so different, you wouldn't even think they were raised by the same people if it wasn't for the fact that they look so darn much alike. So don't be disheartened, I think my little girl will do well in her class. She'd do well in school regardless of her teacher, I think. And she's looking forward to going so much. Her first day is Wednesday - wish her luck.


Now I better go get myself ready for the day. For even though it is a day off (squeeeeel!) I still have to go to the grocery store and clean up this house a little bit. And I figured if I got an early start, I will still have time to just lounge around and do nothing. Ah, nothing - how I love it so.

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Dad said...

Hey, I'll bet that the teacher being new is a great help. She has no routine thing in her mind and every kid is something she will learn from. I think Ethan can get a great learning spark from her and she from him. I am so happy it is starting out so great!
And, right, Emily will have no problems.