Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Out of the vortex.

So I'm on vacation from work and it's like I've been sucked into this weird time-space vortex thingey and I've forgotten how things were just a week before. The children need to be at school when? Trash day is what day? I have a blog?

I don't know what has happened to me, but here it Wednesday, and I'm still looking around wondering where all the time has gone. Granted, we did spend yesterday at home. (We being my husband and I.) You see, he's come down with the plague. Or something equally as bad. And he spent yesterday in some sort of fever and sinus induced fog, shivering in the easy chair while watching very bad daytime television. And I read a book.

We did manage to run out to WalMart and buy my son a copy of Lego Star Wars II for Xbox. It was the first day it was in the stores, and we didn't want our precious little boy to have to go longer than a day without it. You see, we've spent all this time spoiling him rotten, so why ruin all the time and effort put into such a worthy task. We must keep up the spoiling, lest he become mild mannered and grateful. We wouldn't want that to happen, now would we. (We gave it to him as an early birthday present.)

And today we went and bought him a new comforter for his bed. We also bought my daughter one, although she doesn't really need a new one like my son. We just had to keep on spoiling her too. You know, so the mild mannered and grateful thing doesn't happen to her either. But, and this is in my defense, the comforters were on sale at Kohl's and I had a $20.00 coupon, and I only ended up paying $13.98 for two comforters. Not bad, huh.

All this went on while my van sits at the dealership. We brought it in on Monday morning, and as of Wednesday afternoon, it still isn't ready. It ended up needing some sort of something-or-other for it's computer. And all I can think is, what is my van doing with a computer? Is it surfing the web? Buying things on Ebay? Should I be worried about my van and it's new computer? Could they be plotting against me? Whatever my van and it's computer are doing, it sure isn't fixing itself. Maybe it's on vacation too.

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sara said...'re back!!!! i missed you!!! don't do that to me ever again!!! ;)