Monday, September 25, 2006

Now with less sleep.

I have this thing about sleep. This thing being a heart-stoppingly maddening neurosis. I need a good night's sleep or else the following day is just ruined for me. Without sleep, I get cranky, my head hurts, my vision blurs, my skin breaks out and I am susceptible to illness. It's bad, really, really bad.

So last night, a night when I knew a good night's sleep was imperative because of the busy day that was to follow, I slept terribly. I was up the majority of the night, trying my hardest to get back to sleep. I think I only slept for about four hours, which might be enough for some people, but is not nearly enough for me.

I was talking to my husband about it this morning, and he pointed out that I sleep horribly every Sunday night, and every other night that I feel I've got to get plenty of sleep. You see, I am my own worst enemy. In my need to sleep, I put so much pressure on myself that I make it so I cannot sleep. Smart of me, huh.

So tonight I will sleep. I will not put so much pressure on myself to sleep.

(I will end up putting so much pressure on myself to not put pressure on myself that I probably will not sleep. And that's how my life goes...)


sara said...

nyquil. although benadryl is nice too. but nyquil. the liquid kind (cherry). 2 capfuls (or just swig from the bottle like i do). the thought alone gets me happy. =)

E said...

Nyquil - oh I know the joys of nyquil! But my dear husband kept telling me how he didn't think a dose of nyquil was good for me if I wasn't actually suffering from a cold... so I decided to stop taking a nip of the 'quil every once in a while. But I'm totally hitting the bottle tonight!

(I'm such a junkie.)