Friday, September 01, 2006

Sharing the love.

Do you know what I love? What I love with all of my little heart (that some people think has no room for love?) Jalapeno Cream Cheese Poppers.

(What? You were expecting a person? Or maybe an activity? We're talking about me here people.)

And let me tell you, I worship at the altar that is cream cheese and jalapenos. Throw in some breading and deep frying, and I'm in it for life. I may, in fact, love it so much that I am eating it for breakfast right now. Just maybe. And just maybe, I had a little bit yesterday too. And if I didn't think my husband would have me commited for an unusual obsession with these tasty treats, I would eat it every day. Every. Day.

Instead, I buy them every once in a while and dole myself out some, little by little. For this, my arteries thank me. My hips are also grateful. Oh, and my husband; he's grateful too. You see, he hates the stuff. Anything with cream cheese in or around it makes him gag at the mere thought of it passing his lips.

But me, I am in love.

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sara said...

ooooo.....i understand completely!!! mine (right now) is the sweet & salty almond granola bars. i could eat the entire box in one sitting. i. heart. them. =)