Sunday, July 09, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes.

We have a new nemesis in our house lately: cuss words (or curse words, depending on what you call them.)

My kids went to the playground with the kids across the street and their mom. The next day, when my daughter was just hanging out with me, she told me that my son said 'shit' at the playground. And my first thought? 'Oh shit.'

So the theme for the next few days was 'What is a cuss word'.

Here's a snippet of a conversation we had in the car recently:

My son: "What bad words do they say on the Green Day CD?" (we have American Idiot, and let the kids listen to it in the car, but I won't play it when other children are in the car with us because of all the times they say "f*ck"

Me: "Um... a word that rhymes with luck."

My son: "You mean shit?"

Me: "No, but that's a bad word too. Please don't say that again."

My son: "Mom, shit is a bad word, right?"

Me: "Yes. Don't say it again."

My daughter: "What is the bad word they say on Green Day?!?"

My husband: "F*ck, okay, it's f*ck. Now just don't say it."

My son: "Yeah, you shouldn't say it. It' s a bad word like shit, right Mom?"

Me: "Yes, but don't say that."

My son: "What? Shit?"

Me and my husband: "Yes!"

My daughter: "And f*ck. Don't say that either."

Me: "Right. Let's just say the f-word and the s-word, okay?"

My daughter: "Like silly. That's an s-word."

Me: "No. Well, yes, it is an s-word, but you can say that word. Just call the bad words s-word and f-word when you are talking about them or telling me what someone said. Please don't say them any more."

My son: "Yeah. Don't say shit anymore."

Me: (banging my head against the dashboard out of sheer frustration) "Yeah, sweetie. Don't say that anymore." *sigh*

(I was going to title this post, 'Don't f*ck with me, you little sh*t' but I thought that might be a little harsh. Don't you think?)

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sara said...

oh, i like the original title better!!! it made me laugh!!! =)