Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Other uses for Vodka.

The other day I posted about my throat hurting. And I got a very nice comment from Meryl giving me a few tips and a 'hope you feel better soon'. Thanks Meryl.

But, um, if you didn't check out that comment, do it now, and then come back here. Go ahead. I'll wait....

Okay, did you read the one that said this: *Vodka, used on the outside and on the inside! And plenty of vitamin C! Now, tell me, what exactly am I supposed to do with the vodka on the outside? I get the inside part - drink it, right? But, um, am I supposed to rub it on me somehow? On my throat? (Gosh, I hope it's my throat she was talking about!) Is there something I've not known all these years that includes using vodka on the outside of your body?!? If you happen to know, please share the knowledge, because I'm really not sure, and my mind, it is going haywire trying to process this.

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