Thursday, July 13, 2006

Confession is good for the soul.

Have you ever checked out this site: True Wife Confessions?

It leaves me alternating between 'Oh my God I can't believe these people feel this way about the people they married' and 'Yowza, you are an evil woman' and 'Thank goodness I'm not in your situation' and, occasionaly, because it's rare to see something positive there, 'Awww, you are a lucky woman'.

But, um, if you are a man who is insecure about your relationship, then you may not want to visit that site. Just saying.

And then, if you love to read confessions of people you do not know (or maybe you do!) then also visit PostSecret. It's done in a really cool way (so artsy!) Sometimes that site leaves me alternating between feeling uplifted and feeling very, very sad. So, you know, if you're the delicate and sensitive type (which I am so not, right honey?) then you may want to skip that too. Otherwise, it is very interesting.

What does that say about me - that I like to read other's confessions and secrets? Bah, nothing bad, I hope. I just figure it means I'm nosey.

(And I am. Very, very nosey.)

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