Monday, July 10, 2006

Mid-year's resolutions.

I'm trying something new. Well, new, kinda.

I'm trying to eat better. As in, choose healthier foods. I know, I know, you've heard that one before. But it's my latest idea.

(A lame one.)

What brought this on, you ask? For starters, I still have a little bit of weight to lose. And I'm so scared of getting diabetes (my health worry du jour.) I have diabetes risk factors (hypoglycemic... having babies over 8 lbs... among others) and can legitimately worry about it. So I've decided to take baby steps and gain control over my diet. (Ha! As if I have control over anything.)

In my quest to ward off diabetes, I am willing to try lots of things. I am willing to take supplements, exercise, and a few other things. But, um, give up sugary and starchy foods? Are you crazy?? I'm not made of steel, people. So you see, my diet overhaul is already off to a rocky start.

Another area that I need to overhaul is my caffeine consumption. This morning my husband saw my pot of coffee brewing and said, "That's a whole lot of coffee for just one person." To which I replied, "I only drink 3 cups, 2 in the morning, and one in the afternoon." Then, being an observant and wise person, my husband said, "Yeah, but those coffee mugs the size of your head are more than just one cup." And, um, he was right.

Now why didn't I ever think of that? Why did it never really occur to me that when I fill the pot up to the 6 line, it means I'm drinking 6 cups of coffee?!? Add a few Diet Cokes to the mix, and yikes. Holy caffeinated woman, batman!

(Add 'cut back on caffeine' to the 'cut back on sugary, starchy foods list'.)

There's also the little matter of the brownies I ate for breakfast. And a snack. And also maybe lunch. I know what you're thinking - how is this woman still alive? - and, really, I'm not even sure how I'm still functioning either. But I'm sure I'm not at my best. So I'm going to cut back here and there. And keep up my exercise (because I'm doing really well at that and I am strong as sh*t now.)

Maybe, just maybe, I'm going to get myself healthy.

Or healthy-er, at least.

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sara said...

you mean your strong as the S-word, right??? ;)