Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm thinking she'd fetch a good sum, if we can keep her quiet long enough.

Blogger has been giving me problems today. As in, it wouldn't let me log in, and then when it did let me log in, it laughed in my face when I tried to create a new post. Okay, so maybe it didn't laugh at me, but I sure did feel like it was. Therefore, anything I was going to tell you was driven out of my mind around 10:00 by my shorter-than-short attention span.

I do remember wanting to tell you about my trip to the theater. It was the first time I had gone without kids in seven years. Seven. Years. That trip was way overdue. And I had fun. And I loved Clerks 2 with all my Kevin Smith loving heart. (If you can't stand foul language, do not go see that movie, all I'm saying.) After the movie, we went out to eat. At Macaroni Grill. And I had the most delicious Chicken Scallopine ever. Ever. It was so good, I ate more than I ever should have. All that, and we were home by 6:30. (What can I say, we're party people.)

This morning my daughter told the mother of the baby I babysit that she feeds him Gerber snacks when I am too busy playing games on the computer to feed him. Oh. My. God. Maybe you should go back and read that again. She told the baby's mother that I play games on the computer and let a 5 year old feed the baby!! When she said it, I was just flabbergasted. And the mom either didn't process what my daughter said, or just ignored it, because she just went on with the conversation. Meanwhile, I wanted to yell, "Liar! Liar!" at my daughter and make her fess up that I have never once played computer games while the kids are here! Even when I'm on here typing, the kids are either in the same room with me, or sleeping. Sometimes they are watching TV. But never do I rely on a 5 year old to feed them while I merrily play games. (I only do that when it's just my own children. They regularly fend for themselves.) (Kidding.) (Kinda.)

Sometimes I want to take off my daughter's head and give it a good shake. Because, obviously, something is loose in there and her brain is not working. At all. I love her, yet at times, I fantasize about her black market value. Lately, it's been more of the latter.

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