Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Turns out, not all people are scary.

Today I think I did a good thing.

I took the little ones to the local Cafe for a muffin this morning. And I met some mothers who also are "stay-at-home-moms" and who also, amazingly, have kids in Kindergarten at the same school as my son's. In fact, one of the kids is in my son's class. We all gathered at a table and introduced ourselves. Then we took it outside once the kids got a little restless. The details are not very important. What is important is that I found a few moms who were nice people with small children and I had a lot in common with them.

We talked for about two hours, then agreed that we would meet again on Tuesdays, every other week. I think I stumbled onto our own little mom's group, and I am pleased.

I have thought about joining a mom's group before, even inquired about one in our old town. But I've never gotten up the gumption to actually go. You see, I have a little thing called social anxiety disorder (not officially diagnosed, but I'm scared to death of social situations, so I'm pretty sure that's it) and this anxiety keeps me from becoming a part of any group of any kind. It even keeps me from volunteering. It's pretty bad.

So to have stumbled onto three other moms who were actually meeting together for the first time, well, I got lucky. I met a lady at the mailboxes yesterday who told me casually she would be meeting up with another lady today, and said to stop by if I wanted. I thought, you know, I should. And I did. And I'm happy I didn't let myself get worked up to the point of not going.

Like I said, I did a very good thing.

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