Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thinking of telling me I'm a bad mom? Save yourself the trouble. Read this.

I have a confession to make...

I totally deleted a comment I didn't like. Yep, that's the confession. Nothing earth-shattering, but a confession all he same. And just so you know, I reserve the right to delete anything that is mean, idiotic, or self-righteous. The comment I deleted was all three. So there - anonymous meanie.

What did the comment say? Well, it said something about me letting the TV babysit the children, and something about getting off of my butt and away from the computer. (It also had a lot of misspelled words. But that's kind of petty for me to say. But I said it anyway. Hee hee!)

So, for the record...

I blog when the kids are playing. Or napping. They are either playing in the same room with me, or sleeping peacefully when I am blogging. Sometimes, I have to save my entry as a draft so I can finish it later because the kids require my attention. (But the magic of doing that means that you as a reader never know it took me hours to write a few paragraphs - because the post states whatever time I started to write, not the time it actually posted.) When I talk about the TV keeping the kids entertained, it is an exaggeration. (Ever hear of that?) They do watch some, but no, I don't just leave them to watch TV. (I lock them in the closet instead.) I do have a DVD player in my van (it came standard, just for your information) and I do use it. Maybe that makes me the worst parent ever, but I think I'd have a lot of company if that were the case. My computer time is done in little spurts here and there. Usually it is done when I have finished playing whatever game the kids are playing (Barbie, trains, tag-you're-it-let's-run-all-over-the-house, etc...) and they are ready to play without me for a little while. (Yes, they get tired of me playing with them. Who would have ever thought so.) The whining and complaining I do? Well, ever hear of sarcasm? Yeah, I use sarcasm occasionally. (That was sarcasm in action, right there.)

Okay, done defending myself. I know that if you put yourself out there, you are making yourself available for others' comments. But the good thing about being the boss of this blog is that I can pick and choose which comments I allow to be shown. Ah, it's good to be queen.

And the weapons stockpile my son has in his room? It's real. The stockpile, that is. The weapons themselves? They're not real. At least I hope not.

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