Monday, May 22, 2006

Sharing the wealth (of knowledge, that is. Don't get excited.)

I discovered a few things this weekend, and because I like you, I will share my discoveries. And you will thank me, I'm sure.

First, there is a cake out there that is amazing, aa-mm-aa-zz-ing. And my lovely sister-in-law, who I will deeply love forever for bringing me such a cake, bought it at Cold Stone Creamery. It's name: Midnight Delight. And it is a delight. Truly. It is, and I quote, "Layers of moist devil's food cake & chocolate ice cream with chocolate shavings & a layer of fudge wrapped in rich, fudge ganache." See all the times they mention chocolate and fudge in the description? That is what makes it so wonderful. And the ganache. I have no idea what ganache is, but it's yummy. Get yourself one. You can thank me later.

Second, when you offer a growing child a snack, expect to feed them lots and lots of that snack. Like, for instance, if a neighbor boy wants to have some Spongebob cereal and you say, "Sure" you can kiss that brand-new box of cereal goodbye. And a good portion of your milk too. Lesson learned.

Third, when you attend a child's 7th birthday party, and they have an inflatable bouncy/slide thing, it will erupt into chaos. And if they have a pirate theme and provide fake hook hands for dozens of kids, somebody is going to be "hooked" and get hurt. If that person is my daughter, she will scream bloody-murder and finger her brother as the master-mind behind it all. Oh, and also, you should not wear a cute little three quarter length sleeve shirt and capris to a party that takes place outside in the summer in the south. You should just wear shorts and a tank top, because it will get HOT and you will sweat. And then smell bad. Remember that one, it'll save you some embarrassment.

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