Monday, May 08, 2006

Goin' to the chapel, and they're gonna get maaaaarried. (You're supposed to sing it.)

That's me and my husband. (He doesn't normally wear lavender.)

Oh boy, where do I start? I've had writer's block and an extreme case of fatigue. (The saw-family, traveled, went-to-a-wedding-with-two-tired-children kind of fatigue. ) So let's see...

We've had my father visiting from Iowa for the past week. He traveled down to South Carolina with us. Which basically meant he was held captive in minivan. Poor man. He's barely holding on to his sanity, but still knows his name and where he lives, so we didn't break him totally!

Like I said, we traveled to South Carolina. And it wasn't a bad drive, really. Thank goodness we have a DVD player in the van. That really has come in handy. There's nothing like strapping your children into seats and playing an endless loop of SpongeBob and My Little Ponies. It really keeps them occupied. In fact, I don't think they looked out the windows once. Which, really, they didn't miss much. The drive is just a bunch of billboards ("24 Hour Topless Cafes") and trees, trees, trees.

My mom and her husband left from Colorado and picked up my brother's 2 girls and brought them out from New Mexico. So my traveling, well, wasn't anything compared to their driving/flying. And it was so good to see my nieces. It had been way too long. In fact, the last time I saw them they were little girls, and all of a sudden they have become young ladies. Makeup-wearing young ladies. Sheesh, makes me feel old. And the oldest was taller than me! Now I feel old and short. Double sheesh.

We fit in the maximum amount of visiting we could fit between rehearsals, fittings, and wedding stuff. (And with just two days, that really isn't much visiting.) My kids, they were just in awe of the girls, whom they had never met, and were giddy with delight. I wish I could have brought them home with me and really had a chance to just hang out.

The wedding, well, was quite an event. It was an old southern kind of wedding. Very grand. The bride wore a beautiful gown with a full train. The music was amazing. It was like a full orchestra playing, and they were very good. And what I found the neatest was that the wedding started at 7 pm, and before the processional began, they chimed 7 PM. Like a grandfather clock chime - you know, with the music and then 7 chimes. (I have no idea if that has a proper name.) It was so cool. (Funny the things that impress me. The church was also neat, and the flowers were beautiful. But the chimes, they were what I liked.)

My daughter was one of the flower girls, and my son was one of the ring bearers. Needless to say, they were cute! My son wears a tux like he was born in one, and my daughter looked like a princess in her dress. My dad was best man, and my husband was a groomsmen. So everyone was dressed to the nines. (Ha, except me. But I was very thankful to be fairly comfortable.)

The ceremony was beautiful. My new sister (hi Susie!), she looked so beautiful in her dress. She looked so grand. Regal. (She's tall and I'm so short. I am in awe at how tall people look so amazing in gowns. I look like a little girl playing dress up.) And of course, I cried. How can you not?

The reception was, well, wow. It was at the bride's parent's house. And they had tents, and flowers, and candles, and a whole band playing, and chandeliers! There was so much food and drink. (It was all very good too.) It looked like something out of a movie! I'm not talking about just some little tent and a buffet table, it was amazing. I was very impressed. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into such an event, but someone sure did outdo themselves.

(Note to self: call these people next time there is a grand event to plan.)

My next post will tell about what my son did during the ceremony. Because, well, that needs it's own space. I just wanted to tell you that I'm back, safe and sound, but still recuperating from the trip.

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