Friday, May 26, 2006

If only George Lucas was available for class visits.

Today's the day my husband goes to my son's class to make a little presentation. He's got to tell the class a little about what he does for a living, and something about our son.

This has caused a lot of anxiety around our house for a while now. You see, other parents have had exciting jobs - hockey referee!, prison builder! - and one parent even brought a horse to the school, and all the kids got to brush the horse. And also, our son said so-and-so's uncle brought in a Cadillac. So our dilemma is, how on earth do we top that? My husband, while having a good and very necessary job, does nothing exciting. Not for kids, anyway. (If you are really into dry cleaning and laundry equipment, then he's your man.) Also, he doesn't have anything he can bring in to show the class. All the equipment he works with is Huge (with a capital H).

So what is he bringing, you ask? He's bringing brochures with pictures of laundry equipment. And goody bags full of candy. And also, R2D2.

Yeah, you read that right. R2D2. A real robot R2D2 of Star Wars fame. It has absolutely nothing to do with his job, but it is a very cool thing that our son owns. And when in doubt, you can dazzle Kindergarteners with cool things. They won't even notice that it isn't relevant to his job!

Now I'm wondering what kind of job these kids will go home and tell their parents my husband has. Maybe a robot builder. Or Star Wars star. Or maybe they'll even think he's George Lucas himself. Or maybe they'll just think he's kinda cool (which is really all we're hoping for.)

UPDATE: My son, he threw up again. This time in the cafeteria at school. So my dear hubby didn't even get a chance to do his presentation. But don't worry, he'll be going back next week. Which means another week of anxiety over what to tell the kids. And also, another addition to my son's places-where-I've-thrown-up-at list. (That list is getting to be a long one.)

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sara said...

ooooo....R2D2 is cool and i've seen him in action!!!! the kids will love it ;) i hope you guys have a great memorial day weekend, LOVEYAS!!!!!!!!!