Monday, May 29, 2006

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day, and although we are not at the beach like my husband so wanted to be, we are enjoying the great outdoors.

We are grilling. And have I told you how much I love our grill? It's a gas one from Sears. Nothing fancy, and certainly not an expensive one, but it is fantastic. I. Love. It.

We have been to the pool. (Our neighborhood, it is wonderful.) We do not have our own pool, but we do have several pools in the neighborhood. Yeah, several. And a water slide. And something called a "sprayground" which is a playground in 1 1/2' to 2' deep water and perfect for the kids to splash around in. Hubby and I are already a little burnt, but we're going back for more later.

My husband, who never buys anything he wants, bought himself a set of golf clubs. No, not an expensive set - did you know you can pay like $500 for just one club?!? He bought a set on sale, but a full set so he's got all he needs. And he's actually giddy! (But don't tell him I called him that.) I'm happy that he has finally spoiled himself a little.

And, AND, we are watering the grass. We actually put fertilizer down, and are now watering it to hopefully get a greener lawn. That's yardwork people, and it's a big step for us. We've never before done this much yardwork. Suburbia must be finally getting to us.

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