Friday, February 02, 2007

Trolling... stalking... lusting... for furniture.

I've been looking for new furniture for my front room/computer room/game room for a good long time now. Basically, I've been looking since I've moved into this house. But I haven't been seriously looking, as in going to furniture stores and trying to find the correct colors and styles. I've been surfing the web and trolling Craigslist.*

I have found several things that I want, several pieces of furniture that I think would be just the thing for the room. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything for free, which is why I haven't gotten anything new yet. So because I am a generous and kindly person (don't laugh!) I will share some of my findings with you:

There's this couch, which I loved when I first saw it. But then I figured out that it wasn't so much the couch I loved, per se, but the view behind the couch. And unless the people across the street are willing to give up their houses so I can make it into an ocean over there, I don't think I'll get that view anytime soon. But man, do I wish...

This entertainment console would go great with my floors. I would really like to get rid of this black metal thing I have in here now, and I think this would be perfect. Also, I'd like the big TV on it, please.

I want this rug for my downstairs bathroom, or "powder room," mainly because I think I want to paint the walls a blue-ish gray-ish color. And I think the rug is pretty. Ooh, ooh, it will also go great with that ocean view! I'll get to work on those pesky across-the-street neighbors right now!

*I seem to have an addiction to Craigslist. I'm constantly looking at the furniture for sale. Also, I am constantly amazed at what people will sell and/or give away. One woman, for instance, was giving away old bras. And another person wanted to sell a couch for $100 that was so dirty (with goodness knows what) and so torn that I don't even think you could give it to anyone for free. I'm amazed, I tell you, amazed. My husband threatened to enroll me in Craigslist Anonymous and I told him that it could be worse - I could buy things from there. He said he thinks it's worse that I don't buy anything. I'm just a Craigslist stalker. But being a crazy Internet stalker is nothing new to me, so, eh, I don't see the problem.

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