Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello, Flu.

(Hell. That's what I typed first for the title, just "Hell." And that pretty much sums it all up.)

My daughter came home from school around noon yesterday. Her teacher called and said she was crying and coughing and complaining. So I went to pick her up. And she was just a MESS when I finally arrived - all of ten minutes later. By this morning her fever was up to 103.4 and I knew she had it bad.

When my son was sick this weekend, he never seemed too bad. I thought it was the flu, but he never seemed to be in really bad shape. And as of yesterday afternoon, he no longer has had a fever and is doing much better. (I kept him home today just in case. But his butt is going back to school tomorrow before he drives me completely insane!)

After I took my daughter to the doctor this morning, I called my husband to tell him it was officially the flu. And he proceeded to tell me that he would see me really soon because he now had the chills to go along with the congestion and cough. By the time he made it home, he was in rough shape.

I asked him to let me know what kind of medicines he thought he would need because I was headed to the grocery store and then the drugstore to pick up the TamiFlu (? spelled correctly) for my daughter. I felt a little under the weather, so I wanted to stock up before anything took ahold of me and neither one of us would be in any shape to go out.

Well, in the middle of the grocery store, there in the tea and coffee aisle, I suddenly felt cold. Very cold and shiver-y. It was as sudden as that. By the time I paid for the groceries - and by the way, I have no idea what I bought - and got them loaded into the van, I called my husband on the phone to whine that I was sick, "uuuuuggggh."

I still had to go to the drugstore to get my daughter's prescription. And I was sick. This is when I started to pout. Big time. And when I pulled into the drive-thru lane - which, by the way, bugs the crap out of me with the spelling - and they told me they would be with me in a second, I wanted to cry. Instead I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Yep. Sleep. Right there in the van in the drive-thru lane. The lady woke me up, charged me $75 for a little bottle of medicine, and sent me on my way. I think it might have been prudent of her to ask me if I was okay to drive. But, eh, maybe she just wanted for me to clear out of her lane. Either way, I made it home in one piece.

So we're all suffering with the flu. Well, the boy is doing better, having gone through it and come out the other side. This is the first time we've all been this sick. The first time I've had the flu in a very long time. And because the kids are sick and no one can take US to the doctor, we don't get the fancy flu medicine that supposed to cut out half the suffering. Nope, we get to feel the full effect. Yay.

Hold me. And bring warm blankets. And mint green tea.

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