Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did somebody say Hiatus?

So, new look... you likey?

It's, um, different. But I was getting tired of looking at the same old, same old. If you were on here several times last night (which, who wasn't?) you would have seen all the incarnations, all the different types of layouts I tried. And then I ended up going back to the original layout only to get up this morning and change it first thing. Even before my coffee.

I like the colors, the simplicity of the whole thing. But I don't like the BIG TYPE. The words, they are so big. And, um, big. Large even. So who knows how long this look will be around. I'll try it for a while and see if I like it. You like? You tell me. Me go now.

PS - It's snowing. Big fat snow flakes are coming from the sky. My God, it's a miracle.


sara said...

i came here earlier this morning and totally missed this post!!!

and i did stop by at least once last night and it was back to your original template but i thought maybe something was wrong with my computer!!! =) this one is okay....kinda....i don't know....reminds me of a textbook or something!!!! it's very clean and easy to read......

and yay for snow.....join the club!!! it's been snowing since 8am here and we got a little bit yesterday too!!! the kids are in school anyway. enjoy it while it lasts because soon we will be complaining about the hot hot heat!!!!


E said...

Yeah...this one is very textbook-y. When I asked my little E if she liked it, she told me NO! So I may change it again soon. I just can't figure out what I like...