Friday, February 23, 2007


Yesterday was my daughter's 6th birthday. As is tradition here at our house, we decorated all up, ordered a cake, and had ourselves a party. Normally we have what we call a "family party" which is just our fancy way of saying "It's just us kid!" But after attending her first round of actual birthday parties this year, my daughter begged to have one herself - an actual party with guests other than family - and we gave in and invited the neighboring kids to join us. No big deal, we thought, we'll just have them come over for a little cake and then everyone will be happy. Well, the little shindig turned into a full-fledged party. We ordered an obnoxious amount of pizza, got them all hopped up on cake and ice cream, and opened presents. All on a Thursday night. A school night. I hope their parents don't hate us too much. But while they all ran around the living room screaming and I sat there with the nerve that leads from the back of my head directly to my left eye twinge-ing, my daughter was filled with pure joy. And that, folks, is what we do it all for.

Pictures to come sometimes soon-ish. (Or whenever the heck I get around to uploading them. I'm recouperating. It may take some time.)

(Sara, we got the package yesterday - right on time. You're good. Real good.)

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sara said...

yay!!! i'm glad she had a great birthday and i can't wait for pictures!!!! =)