Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend wrap-up. Also, my son, the pansy*.

Did you enjoy your weekend? I think I did. It wasn't very restful or relaxed, but it sure was busy. The kids had a wonderful time, and all in all, that's makes me a happy woman. Because, really, ever hear two children whine for 48 hours straight? It's enough to drive you insane, literally.

We went to the spring festival at my son's school on Saturday. As predicted, it was chock full of people. You couldn't even breathe without breathing someone else's air. It makes me all lightheaded to be in such close proximity to strangers. Oh so many strangers. But I survived... as did my husband, who served hot dogs (and was mighty proud of his food service skills.) The kids played lots of games and won prizes. (You know, those cheap plastic things that clutter up your house but you can't throw them away because they are Prizes!) We stayed just long enough to see everything, and left in time for me to avoid complete meltdown.

On Sunday, we went outside. And we, um, well, went outside. I think it was busy... it seemed to me we didn't spend a lot of time in the house doing nothing... but I really can't remember what we did. The evening was spent playing volleyball and badmitten with a neighbor and some neighborhood kids. But really, nothing much to report about that. It was fun, but I'm going to spare you a play-by-play. Mostly, because I can't remember, but also, to spare you. That's right, I'm just thinking of you.

But here's what I really wanted to talk about - my son. He's a sweet boy. And I don't mean that in the way that means he's sweet, but not to everyone else. As in, he's really a sweet boy when he's not beating the crap out of your kids. No, my son is sweet. He's the child who is just as happy for someone else when they win as he is for himself. He's not competitive in the least, and he always wants to cheer everyone else on. His inherent sweetness in the problem. Other boys his age are competitive, learning how to be cut-throat little sports players, and sometimes downright scary. He tries to play with them, and they get frustrated with him. Because he really does think that winning isn't everything. Just imagine... you are playing a game of volleyball and you want to win more than anything. And on your team is someone who doesn't really try, because they are just having fun playing. You'll want to beat the crap out of him when you lose, won't you. Yeah. Problem.

I don't want him to lose that sweetness, because he's so good. And really, he's got a healthy attitude, and has tons of fun in everything. But I also want to avoid him getting a volleyball spiked at his head by an enraged team member. So what do I do?? Yes, I'm asking you, oh wise and powerful internet, for advice. Because everyone knows the answer to everything is right here on the internet. The power must be dizzying.

I also want to complain about losing an hour. I really could use that extra hour back, please. See, I said please. It's the magic word, and I should get what I'm asking for because I said Please. Please, Please, Please. (Hmmm... works for my kids, but seems to be adult-proof. Dammit)

*I'm not putting him down. Really, I'm not. He's the most special boy in the whole wide world. But he's a pansy. It's the truth and I embrace it.

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