Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'd even run if it meant more dip.

My friend S is running a marathon soon. She's actually ran more than one now, but she's doing a big one in Oklahoma at the end of the month (at least that's when I think it is...correct me if I'm wrong.) I have to just say publicly how awesome I think she is. I am in awe of her ability to want to do something, then just go out and do it. You're awesome, S, very awesome! And good luck!

I've never been very athletic. (And by very athletic, I mean lucky I'm actually able to manage walking.) For some reason I'm one of those lucky people who doesn't even know what their arms and legs are capable of. (By lucky, I mean so freakin' unlucky.) I don't even have those save-yourself reflexes that keep something from hitting you square in the face - like catching or batting something away. It's just not intuitive for me.

As an adult, I tried something as simple as aerobic videos, and used to get all tangled up. It took awhile, but I did finally manage to make my legs move while simultaneously moving my arms. It was like I learned how to be a little more coordinated. I am finally learning how to catch and throw - no joke. My husband is teaching me and the kids at the same time.

So I admire S and her quest to be fitter and achieve big goals.
Let me tell you what my quest is: To consume as much cream cheese toffee apple dip as possible. I'm addicted. Seriously. I was in the middle of full blown DT's when my husband went to the store to buy me more apples for my dip. Oh. My. God. I cannot even express my love for this stuff. Really, I can't. For he is home with my apples, and I have a bowl of dip ready and waiting. Gotta go.

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