Friday, March 31, 2006

It's spring, but let's skip the festival.

Today I dropped off a cake at my son's school for the first time. No, I'm not going to make a habit of just dropping off cakes willy-nilly, it's for the school's spring festival. They are going to have a "cake walk". Even though I have no idea what that is, they asked for baked goods donations, and I donated. Last night I grumbled about having to make a cake. But today, I'm proud of myself. I'm involved in my son's school. I'm totally involved!

My husband is more involved. My son's teacher assistant ambushed me in the car line the other day. They needed volunteers to work at the spring festival. I told her I would check my calendar, then asked my husband if he would volunteer. He said he "could do anything for a half hour" and so HA! I gave his name. He's going to be serving hot dogs. I'm going to be eating them.

Now, before you tell me how awful I am for not volunteering myself, let me tell you about my little problem: I don't like people. Not all people, just ones I don't know. I am actually scared of strangers. And this spring festival - full of strangers. Lots and lots of them. And also, I'm scared of new situations. Spring festival is just another way of saying anxiety attack waiting to happen for me.

So I baked a cake (and I'm proud of my contribution!) and my husband is volunteering. Aren't we just the picture of suburban life? Well, if by saying suburban life, we mean woman with social anxiety disorder and man with crazy wife. Yes, I think we're just the picture of that, don't you?

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