Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a survivor. He's not doing so well.

Well, we officially have survived spring break. Now that the weekend is here, we can get back to our old weekend ways. Which basically means chores for me, and watching copious amounts of TV for the kids. And the kids, they have already begun.

My husband has a cold. But sick? No, not sick. "Just a little stuffy... *cough, cough* ... Must take shower to relax... *sniff sniff* ... But I'm not sick ... *cough, hack, cough* ... Do we have any Nyquil?" Never sick.

The kids are watching Boomerang. Do you know that channel? It's from Cartoon Network, and they show lots of old cartoons. Like Ritchie Rich and Grape Ape. Things I haven't thought of since I was their age. It's fun to see the old cartoons again. What's really come as a surprise to me is that my husband knows almost all of the character's names, and even the plots of many episodes. He's a wealth of 80's cartoon knowledge. This is a man who claims to have not been allowed to watch much TV when he was a child. Amazing what the mind deems important enough to retain!


I just had to put my son to bed. He was throwing up, again. He does this throwing up thing a lot. He has a weak stomach, or something like that. The sight (sometimes even the thought) of certain foods can set him off. Bananas? Yup. Yogurt? Yup. Chili with crackers mixed in? Oh hell yeah!

But tonight his throwing up is not food related, although my daughter's bowl of ravioli did make him gag. Nope, tonight his throwing up is due to exhaustion. Yeah, him being tired makes him physically ill. You see, it's been spring break. So I let him stay up. The party animal has been staying up until 8:30 most nights this week. Yeah, 8:30. But he wakes up before anybody; before the sun even thinks of shining. So he's not been getting enough sleep. And this, my friends, makes him sick. Throwing up, headache, sick.

I get that way too. I used to get so sick in high school. I lived in a dormitory, and the night-watch lady, or whatever she was called, would come check on me. She would take my temperature, and I never had one. But I would throw up over and over again. It wasn't until way into my adulthood that I realized that I would get headaches as a first symptom, then I would start throwing up. Maybe it's migraines, I'm not sure. But I do know that it happens when I get exhausted, and sleep cures all. My son and I both wake up from a night of dead sleep feeling fine. So don't worry, he'll be okay.

I'm going to reinstate the 7:30 bed time. He can't handle all the late nights. Like I said before, he's fun at parties (Ha!)

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