Thursday, April 27, 2006

Purging the evil...Part 2

Ok, ok, ok... So I didn't make it all day (as my husband was so quick to tell you!) What he didn't say was, when I mentioned that I wanted to make brownies, he said, "Go ahead."

At the time I was just venting my want for brownies, but he totally pushed me over the edge. Him and his "go ahead". Isn't that just another way of saying, "Please make the brownies, please. I would like nothing more on earth than brownies for dessert. I know that you are trying to give up sugar, but the brownies, I need them."

So I did it all for him. Um, yeah, it was all for him. It had nothing to do with my want for brownies, absolutely nothing. All for him. Uh-huh, him. Nothing to do with me. Nothing. Not really. Well, maybe kinda...

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