Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love Thursday.

Sometimes you just look at your children and see actual big kids, not the little kids that they seem to be in your head. Sometimes you see their personality, not the personalities of their parents that we are so fond of saying they inherited from so-and-so's side. Sometimes they give you a glimpse of what they are thinking (and it's not just that they like to play with toys.)

Sometimes it breaks your heart that they are growing older, and sometimes it makes you beam with pride.

Sometimes it does both all at the same time and you feel like you could just burst.

Gosh, I love my children. I feel like I could burst.


sara said...

you aren't supposed to make me teary-eyed this early in the morning!!!! LOVEYA!!!!

JennyK said...

E - This is an awesome post. :)
Jenny (Sara's friend)