Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I've got a cold and it is making me cranky. Not cranky like I'm going to shoot death rays out of my eyes cranky, but more the type that makes me just want to have a little less to do with anyone.

Apparently, I also have some sort of defect that permits me from realizing that when my kids are acting like total snots it may mean that they also have a cold that is making them cranky. Hence my complete irritation with my daughter last night, who, incidentally, woke up this morning feeling sick with a cold. Now I feel bad for being so frickin' irritated with her last night. (But holy heck she was irritating!)

Sorry about that, big girl.

Now excuse me while I go medicate myself.

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sara said...

sorry you are feeling icky, i hope you are better soon!!! =)