Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This morning I woke up with a headache. A very hurt-y, very irritating headache. And as I always think with all my headaches, I thought it would go away with a cup of coffee and a little food. So I didn't take any ibuprofen.

Well, folks, as you can guess, my headache is now a full blown migraine. Complete with ache behind my eye, light sensitivity, and a weird dizzy-ish feeling. Yippee!

You would think that a woman who is prone to get migraines (especially during times of stress) would recognize the signs and kill the headache before it progressed. You would think that, but it's not what seems to happen around here.

There's a lesson here somewhere... if only my head didn't hurt so bad I would probably be able to see it...

(Oh, and that sound you're hearing is my husband sighing because there's always something wrong with you, woman. And if eye rolling had a sound you'd be hearing that too.)

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