Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We were without power for a good deal of yesterday. There were strong winds, and by strong winds I mean strong enough to take out power for much of the state. When I called the electric company to report my outage and bemoaned the hours they predicted it would take to get things up and running again, they all but laughed at me. But I tell you, I'd like to see them try and explain to a 4 year old why he can't turn on the light, or the TV, or some music, or play on the computer - and tell it to him over and over and over again - and see how long they're willing to be without power. I tried all kinds of things to entertain him. But he didn't want to dance around if there wasn't music. He didn't want to play board games because he "didn't feel like it." And he didn't want to read books unless he could turn the light on. He didn't want to play blocks, or legos, or farm, or trucks, or even Power Rangers. Nope, he wanted to play on the computer and then watch TV. And there was no swaying him. It was the longest morning/afternoon ever. (At least the 1 year old slept through the majority of it.)

When the power came back on (finally!) I was bombarded with news of the shooting in Virginia. And that kind of bummed me out. I felt a little frivolous about posting something as petty as complaining about not having power. So I didn't post anything. And I still feel a little funny about just going on with the frivolous posting now. So I'm leaving y'all with this, and maybe tomorrow you'll have more...

I'm working on a follow-up to the link post. Because who doesn't want to look at all the stuff I want? Wait...what? You don't want to look at pretty things?!? Then consider yourself warned. You can just skip that post altogether.

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